When Humans Get Colds

My humans have colds. They are all sick. They aren’t furry happy about it, but it definitely has certain advantages for a dog such as myself. Fur example, they are furry warm and are great to cuddle up with on a cold winter night.

Oh, so furry tasty!

Oh, so furry tasty!

The big advantage of course, is their leftover Kleenexes™, which are delicious. They have all kinds of lovely secretions on ‘em, and the humans leave ‘em all over the place. In addition, they don’t notice when I get up to no good. I can steal their Kleenex™, I can get into trouble, and they’re all so slow and sleepy that they don’t do much of anything about it.

Another benefit is that they don’t go out of the den at all, or even move around a lot. They sleep almost all the time. This is great, because it means I have ‘em all to myself. My pack is safe where I can guard ‘em.  No herding required.

I feel that it’s my duty to care fur ‘em. They tend to be all stuffy and snotty, and they need to be cleaned up, (whether they like it or not…Mike, of course, being in the latter group – “Don’t lick me! Don’t lick me!! – although MyPerson and the Wrinkly rather like it, as fur as I can tell from the giggles). And besides, the face-licks are so furry much more tasty than usual.

It does get a little boring, since we don’t go fur a run or even play with my toys. And occasionally, they even furget to feed me, though fang doG, I have my own door to MyOut when nature calls. However, in my opinion, the advantages fur and away outweigh the disadvantages, and I have done my best to spread the colds around by having all the humans pet me so I can carry it to everyone, even those humans I greet at the door.

I nose in a couple of days, their dogs will thank me for it.

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I am a half English yellow Labradorable and half Great Pyrenees. I was da runt of da litter, but now I am furry big, about 100 pounds. My human and I live in OnTerrier, Canadog, an' we are devoted to each other, despite what I might say in my posts.

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