How Smart Are WE!!!!

Me, Widget, takin' care of MyPerson.

Me, Widget, takin’ care of MyPerson.

It’s completely amazin’, just how many dogs have real jobs in this world.  Most of us have the basic job of keepin’ OurHumans happy an’ healthy, but somedoggies go above an’ beyond.

Fur instance, my predecessor, daMoose (now at the Bridge), could tell when MyPerson’s sire (also Bridged) was sick with diabetes an’ about to have a sugar crash.  Moosie would come an’ tell Her, an’ she could go give the ol’ Wrinkly some sugar to keep him goin’.  Now that stupid humans have figured out that we can do this stuff, some dogs are bein’ specially trained as service dogs to help humans with epilepsy, heart conditions an’ other conditions that humans, with their inferior senses, can’t tell are about to happen.  Some dogs are bein’ trained to detect cancer, an’, of course, we all nose about seein’-eye doggies, hearin’-ear doggies an’ therapy doggies.

This is how I spend my days, keepin' the Wrinkly happy.

This is how I spend my days, keepin’ the Wrinkly happy.

My job is keepin’ the Wrinkly happy.  All day long, she obsesses about me…where I am, what I’m doin’, what I’m eatin’ an’ how I’m doin’ it.   She wants to give me treats all the time an’ feed me her foodage, especially ice cream.  MyPerson has said I must not have ice cream, beclaws I have allergies an’ shouldn’t have dairy or sugar.  It’s an ongoin’ battle between MyPerson an’ the Wrinkly.

My other job is greetin’ people at the door.  I am all over them, greetin’ them, with wiggles, face-licks and my best lean.  I have been known to knock ‘em over in my enthusiasm.  I even broke MyWrinkly’s wrist once.

Some doggies have learned other cool stuff too…flyball, agility, huntin’ an’ retrievin’ an’ even dancin’.  In fact, I learned to dance when I was a pup, though we haven’t done it lately.  We learned a lotta canine freestyle moves before our trainer moved away.

But these doggies…this is beyond amazin’.  These doggies have learned to drive humans’ cars.  Now THAT is smart!  I wonder what kinda car I should get…

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About Widget Jones

I am a half English yellow Labradorable and half Great Pyrenees. I was da runt of da litter, but now I am furry big, about 100 pounds. My human and I live in OnTerrier, Canadog, an' we are devoted to each other, despite what I might say in my posts.

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