Snow in MyOut

Lookin' at the snow in MyOut.

Lookin’ at the snow in MyOut.

I looked out the window today, an’ couldn’t see anythin’!  It’s been snowin’ all night an’ I can’t see MyOut at all!  Everythin’ is covered in a thick white blanket…even the trees are white.  I wanted to go have a pee, but when I went Out, I couldn’t even find the right spot.  My pee-place is just GONE!  EVERYTHIN’ is covered! Eventually, I had to squat just anywhere, but my butt disappeared into the snow!  Even my pee has disappeared!

This is awesome!  I could hide ANYTHIN’ out here!  My blankie, my bunny, my foodage, even my rawhides!!  I gotta go find a rawhide.  Where’s MyPerson?  Gotta find somethin’ to hide, just so I can go find it again.

(BigSadPuppyEyes)  Rawhide?  Pleeeeease?

You’ve had two today, Widget.  I’m going to start calling you Pudget.

Yeah, whatever.  Call me anythin’ but just GIMME RAWHIDE!

YES!  Nomnomnomnom…oh…um…I was gonna hide this.  It’s pretty small.  Maybe I won’t find it again.  I’d better finish it off an’ find somethin’ else to hide.  Nomnomnom…

Lookin' fur a hidin' place.

Lookin’ fur a hidin’ place.

Okay, what can I hide?  There’s my bunny, but the snow is pretty deep.  I don’t want to lose my favourite stuffie.  Lemme think…

Shoes!  Perfect!  I’ll just take one, so She still has one left.  She can have it back in the spring.

I am SUCH a good dog!

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I am a half English yellow Labradorable and half Great Pyrenees. I was da runt of da litter, but now I am furry big, about 100 pounds. My human and I live in OnTerrier, Canadog, an' we are devoted to each other, despite what I might say in my posts.

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