The Pros and Cons of Having Fat Humans

Apropos of MyHuman starting yet another diet – here is my comparison of the benefits and drawbacks of having fat humans as opposed to thin ones.  There are distinct advantages to both types.  It’s for you doggies to decide…

Irish Wolfhound teaches his human couch etiquette

This Irish Wolfhound is teaching HisHuman appropriate couch etiquette.

1. They are warmer and more comfortable to snuggle than thin ones.

2. They eat more, so there’s lots of food around.

3. They have better padding, so when you knock them over, they’re less easily damaged.

4. They’re more likely to give you food when you do BigSadPuppyEyes.
(This is not clearly documented, merely an observation)

5. They tend to stay in one place more than thin ones do, so they’re less likely to startle you, and it makes them more cuddlesome.

6. This hasn’t been scientifically proven, but with more padding, they may have a lower
pain/cold threshold.

1. It can be much more painful if they step on your tail.

2. It’s harder to drag them when they’re on the other end of the leash.

3. They don’t GoFurRun as often, if at all.

4. They’re harder to move out of the way if they try to block you from going out the front door.

5. They tend to age faster and develop more age-related issues that prevent them from taking you to the dog park as often as you’d like.

6. They take up more room on the couch and/or bed.

It’s a close call, but in general, I believe the fat ones are preferable, though the ideal situation would be to have at least one of each, so you can have the best of both worlds.  It’s up to everydoggie to make your own decision, and train YourHumans accordingly. (see photo above)

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I am a half English yellow Labradorable and half Great Pyrenees. I was da runt of da litter, but now I am furry big, about 100 pounds. My human and I live in OnTerrier, Canadog, an' we are devoted to each other, despite what I might say in my posts.


The Pros and Cons of Having Fat Humans — 1 Comment

  1. I absolutely LOVE THIS! YOU GO YOU DOGGIE LOVER! and creative writer! I should tell you stories about DR. Pike. He was my soul mate of about 7 years, and knew the thoughts I was thinking before I even had the thought! ( Border Collie! Go figure!)
    “HE wath ThMART!”

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